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  2. Passier Hubertus Schmidt Dressage Saddle
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  3. GFS Pessoa Legacy XP3 Xch
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  4. XJS Jumping Saddle
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  5. Passier Phoenix Jumping Saddle
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  6. Equipe Special One Special
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Equipe Oracle Dressage Saddle

Equipe Oracle Dressage Saddle

Italian leather Deep seated dressage saddle Wooden tree Manufacturer Selleria Equipe Saddles…


Equipe Rose Dressage saddle

Equipe Rose Dressage saddle

Italian leather: Crafted similar to the Amerigo deep seated dressage saddle but built on a more economical synthetic tr…


Equipe Emporio Dressage

Equipe Emporio Dressage

A specially created synthetic tree incorporates a tempered steel re-enforced head iron which keeps the width consistent,…

£2100.00 £1995.00

Equipe Elegance

Equipe Elegance

The Equipe Elegance Saddle leans towards a more traditional approach with a deep seat and anatomically shaped knee rolls…

£2995.00 £2695.00

Equipe Bocelli

Equipe Bocelli

Beautifully crafted Italian dressage saddle on a wooden tree. Platinum saddles are designed to allow riders at all level…