Drontal Tablets (cat)

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Drontal Tablets (cat)

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Because it is not usually possible to identify which worms are present, it’s also a good idea to use a wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm normally found in cats in the UK. Only Drontal can do this – which is why it is the overwhelming first choice for vets. In fact, UK vets prescribe Drontal more than twice as often as all other wormers put together!

The unique combination of proven active ingredients in both of the Drontal Cat formulations, enables it to tackle tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms – in fact, every type of intestinal worm your cat could normally get in the UK.




Toxocara cati Dipylidium caninum Ancylostoma braziliense
Toxascaris leonina Taenia taeniaeformis Ancylostoma tubaeforme
  Echinococcus multilocularis  
  Joyeuxiella pasqualei  

There are two Drontal wormers for cats:

Drontal Cat Tablets
Drontal Cat XLTablets


drontal for catsBoth will tackle every type of intestinal worm your cat is ever likely to get, and both will do so with a single dose, and without having to starve your cat first. The only difference is that Cat XL Tablets are specially formulated for cats of 6kg and over, so that most big cats can be treated with a single tablet.

To avoid worms reaching maturity and affecting your pet's health, and to reduce public health risks, you should worm your pet regularly with Drontal. Worming at least every three months will reduce this risk, but ask your vet who will be able to evaluate your pet's health and your family's requirements and advise you on a specific worming routine for your pet.

Don’t forget the flea control! Fleas are often infected with the larvae of the Flea Tapeworm, which can be transferred to your cat by swallowing the flea while grooming. So in order to control worms, you also need to control fleas. A spot-on treatment is the easiest way to protect your cat - but you may also need one that kills flea larvae in your pet's surroundings, to effectively break the flea lifecycle.

If you don’t control a flea problem at the same time
as worming, your cat is almost certain to be re-infected.

Product Code DRO5DIIN8

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