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Muscle and Performance

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Muscle and Performance 4 kg tub
A highly palatable unique blend containing twenty one amino acids and other nutrients to support and develop lean muscle mass in the performance horse.
Designed by vets using the latest scientific research, it's high levels of the nine essential amino acids along with minerals, vitamins and trace elements exceeds any other competitor products on the market today in terms of both its formulation and value.
Over 500 kg horse = 80 day supply
Under 500kg horse/pony = 160 day supply 
Why should you use Muscle and Performance?
Performance horses require increased levels of high quality proteins in their diet to sustain muscle development.  .
MUSCLE and PERFORMANCE is guaranteed to contain high levels of all the essential amino acids necessary to support muscle development and repair.
MUSCLE and PERFORMANCE can also be used to supplement essential nutrients required by overweight and laminitis prone horses on low energy high fibre diets. These diets are frequently deficient in proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements
MUSCLE and PERFORMANCE is certified "non doping" and can be used in all competitive sports.
A 600kg performance horse may lay down 40g of protein as muscle and lose 45g in sweat daily when in intense training. Much of this requirement will come from dietary protein providing it is not deficient in any essential amino acids. Muscle and Performance is guaranteed to contain high levels of the essential amino acids likely to be the limiting factors to protein production in your horse.
Proteins are very large molecules made up within cells by joining together the 21 amino acids obtained from protein content of the food eaten by your horse. Proteins are broken down within the small intestine into amino acids and absorbed.
Of the 21 amino acids, 9 are classified as essential. This means your horse cannot make them by itself from other amino acids and compounds within its body. They must be present in the food eaten in sufficient quantities to prevent a deficiency.
The other 12 amino acids are classified as non-essential as they can be made within the body from other amino acids and compounds .
Protein forms 15% of a horses body mass, the majority of this is in muscle but it is also an integral part of structures such as ligaments, tendons, skin and haemoglobin. Protein also plays a critical role in numerous other molecules with metabolic functions.
Amino acids are used not only to make proteins within the body but also many important molecules such as Glutathione(a potent antioxidant), Creatine and Cartine ( involved in cellular energy production) and even DNA, without which life as we know it would not exist . Branch chain amino acids such as lucine, isoleucine and valine can be used directly by skeletal muscles for energy production.
The amount and quality of protein present in any feed ingredient commonly fed to horses can vary significantly. It only takes the deficiency of one amino acid to limit the entire production of protein within the body.
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