Myler Full Cheek no hooks 32

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Myler Full Cheek no hooks 32

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 Full Cheek bits are a fixed cheek bit, this may be useful for horses that are a bit unsure of the bit as it doesn’t move around to much in the mouth, it should encourage the horse to stretch into the contact.

A fixed bit would be less suitable if your horse is prone to leaning or taking hold of the bit 
Full cheek bits are very useful for breaking in, or bringing on of young horses, as they help tremendously with the turning aids, and help to teach the horse to turn, the full cheek bit does not slide through the mouth as would a normal snaffle would if your horse doesn’t like to turn. The bit is particularly useful for horses that nap, as the bit will help if the horse suddenly makes a dash for the gate or for the nosey horses who spend half their time looking at what they are missing whilst being in the paddock, The full cheek bit works by applying pressure to the cheek when an turning aid is asked.
The full cheek bits can be used with or without fulmer loops/keepers, although many would say that the keepers keep the bit in the correct place, they also add poll pressure, so if you don’t need any poll pressure then, it wouldn’t be useful to use the keepers.
The Mullen Barrel
Design: Curved Mouthpiece with jointed Barrel in centre
Function: Puts pressure on the tongue and corners of the bars. Each side of the mouthpiece moves independantly. Turns onto a solid mouthpiece when asking for a stop.
Level: Two
Usage/Solution for: The Myler Mullen Barrel mouthpiece is a good choice for the intermediate horse. With the strength of the solid mullen mouth, this bit encourages the horse to break at the poll, but keeps him from getting behind the bit, or inverting. The independant side movement allows rider to isolate one side and pick up a shoulder.
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